The blog exists solely as a medium to be used by me to reinforce what I have learned in my CCNP studies through repetition.  What I study, I put onto this blog.  You are welcome to use it as reference if you find it adequate for your needs.  I also welcome comments.

During the process of studying, I will use examples.  Some of the examples will be using Cisco Packet Tracer or real Cisco equipment.  The packet tracer file I will most often us if possible of the simulated network in the attachment below.

Packet Tracer Simulated Network File – 108.7 kB Download

You will need the Cisco Packet Tracer application to view the simulated network.  Also, in my experience different versions of Packet Tracer sometimes have difficulty viewing files created by different versions of Packet Tracer.  The current version of Packet tracer will view the simulation above.